Outsourced / Remote IT Support

Outsourced IT Support

Email not working, computer down, virus attack? No time? We help you get back to business, saving you money!

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Hosted and Managed Services

Hosted services are IT services that you “rent” instead of buying to run a particular service in-house. ASE can help you choose the right service for your needs.

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IT Security to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Industry Compliance

Whether a large company of a small business, if you have government compliance requirements, ASE will help you.

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IT Made Simple – Our Approach


ASE explains IT so that you can make the right decision today and not have to worry about that decision tomorrow.


What does your technology need to be able to do now, in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? Everyone asks these questions about their company but rarely about IT. We ask, plan and implement.

Security Methodology

Since its inception ASE has focused on Information Assurance, IT security. Security is not just keeping bad “stuff” out. What policies do you have for security, what rules, what rights do you manage for users?

Serving Virginia, Maryland and D.C. since 2000

Your Outsourced IT Department for Networks of All Sizes

Whether on site, or remote support, individual or bundled hosted and managed services, you choose what’s best for your organization!

Targeted IT Services

Digital / IT Forensics

Digital Forensics

For many years ASE has been providing IT Forensics services with experts who are seasoned for expert testimony. As network security experts the tools we use every day help us find information legal teams need for their clients.

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Chromebooks for Education for Private and Public Schools

Chromebooks for Education

Google Chromebook for Education has proven to be a great solution for smaller private schools that need to find a way to get the most of technology, with the utmost security control, without breaking the bank.

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IT Consulting and Analysis

IT Consulting

ASE’s senior expert engineers are called upon to provide consulting services to companies that need an independent third party for various reasons. In most cases ASE is tasked with providing detailed analysis of a network infrastructure showing where improvements can be made, if necessary.

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Regardless of size, ASE, Inc. is able to apply their knowledge and expertise to the customer requirements, producing complete satisfaction. There is not another single company that I can call a partner for 16 years. I would not hesitate to use ASE, Inc. as an end user or as a partner for the next 16 years.

Tom Worosz, Sales Manager, Data Center & IT Solutions
Tom Worosz, Sales Manager, Data Center & IT Solutions

I have known and worked with Mr. Lane in the DC metro area for over 15 years. He is a professional in our Industry and his firm has a reputation for not only providing its customers with a high quality level of service as it relates to their data network , but also excellent advise on business continuity & disaster recovery plans and procedures. By providing and maintaining their well-designed IT infrastructures, he allows small and mid-size businesses to “focus” on their business. I would recommend Mr. Lane and ASE to any organization looking to outsource their IT needs.

Jim Krieger, Director, Business Development, TWD & Associates, Inc., Infrastructure Division
Jim Krieger, Director, Business Development, TWD & Associates, Inc., Infrastructure Division

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