Still have an XP machine?

More and more manufacturers of software and devices are not providing support for XP in their products. I know that many of you decided to keep your XP machines because you don’t have compliance to worry about like HIPAA, FINRA and SEC. Many more feel that if it works fine then why change anything. But as time moves forward, and, as manufacturers of products that you have update their software (create new drivers) you will find that these products will not provide support for XP anymore.

Let me give you some examples.

  • You have a program that tracks the inventory you purchase from a distributor. The company that gives you that program may have updated it and you need to get it. That update does not support XP.
  • You have to upgrade your financial software but the new upgrade won’t work on XP.
  • You bought a new printer but the disks don’t offer XP support.

Therefore, even if you don’t care about the security issues such as XP weaknesses created by hackers and expose to the world, you still might not want to deal with the hassle of compatibility.

If you do decide to re-use your computer and just load a newer Operating System like Windows 7, you may want to have someone verify that your computer is able to have Windows 7 loaded. Many older systems can’t handle Windows 7 or higher.

Hope this helps.

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