Started in 2000 by our president Robert Lane, ASE’s focus was and is to provide expert IT services, networking and computer services coupled with the ability to design, build, install and manage applications and systems for all sized companies in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC metro area. Small and medium sized companies outsourced their computer service needs as they didn’t know IT nor did they have the desire to learn about it. They just wanted to be lawyers, doctors, real estate companies, accountants, and the list of industries goes on. From day one small & medium sized companies in every industry have made up most of our revenue and therefore we can say that we have always focused on the SMBs unlike others who say that now due to the recession.

While the small & medium business market was growing, ASE had always been providing high level development services to very large companies such as J2EE development and deployment, network security services such as IV&V’s and Risk Assessments, becoming very well known as a network security support company.

Our Technical services team is made up of well seasoned personnel with multiple skill sets. All come with good references because we want to make sure they have good bedside manners. We do not employ paper thin resumes.

The term, “Customer Service”, which is used loosely by so many, is the core of our mantra and so important that our President broke it into three parts:

We are a Partner in your business, not just your computer service provider: We are here to help you be successful in your industry. We hope to gain your trust so you can confidently focus on your business, not IT services. We are good, conservative and practical and, yes, confident. If you don’t view us as a partner (really trying to help) then the relationship starts on a difficult footing.

Customers buy shoes – Clients do business: long term relationships are based on trust, expertise and good business sense and ours is in computer IT services. Our clients know that we are always keeping them in mind. We get to know how you operate, how you function. As new technologies emerge ASE considers if they would be of any benefit to our clients. As long as you are our client, we look out for you. Why? Because if you know we look out for you, you’ll work with us.

Expectation: if you are in the service industry then you have to set excellent client expectations. This is one of the main qualities to become an ASE Professional – you know how to set client expectations. From this comes trust. ASE knows that we need to earn your trust – and we will.

As you can see, ASE takes great care in being your partner. ASE is the outsourced IT department for many small businesses’ computer service and network needs and even helps with the contracting of other niche products as they relate to IT for our clients. For larger, Enterprise organizations ASE has been a source of quality expertise in the areas of application development (databases, Visual Basic, J2EE, etc…) software deployments teams, on site Data Center support and staffing – temp to perm.

We Cover IT. Let Us Cover You.

ASE is your go-to technology products/VAR that will work for you. ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, VA. We serve all of Northern Virginia, D.C. and MD.

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