Simplicity – ASE explains IT so that you can make the right decision today and not have to worry about that decision tomorrow. What is IT Services? Today all companies need IT to be effective in their markets. The problem is not being able to understand the continuously changing world of IT. We help simplify it so you do.

Strategy – What is IT Services? What does your technology need to be able to do now, in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? Everyone asks these questions about their company but rarely about IT. We ask, plan and implement.

Today users have a laptop, iPad and a smartphone all requiring bandwidth on your network. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) creates huge problems –  particularly with small companies. Each decision you make now has big implications later. ASE carefully looks at each choice and decision to be made, explains the options and creates a plan.

Why spend $100.00 today to last you 1 year when spending $150.00 will last you 3 years? Just because it’s the latest technology, the WIZBANG, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. Strategy helps you set budgets. ASE helps you develop and maintain a strategy.

Security Methodology – Since its inception ASE has focused on Information Assurance, IT security. Security is not just keeping bad “stuff” out. What policies do you have for security, what rules, what rights do you manage for users? We will decipher it for you, saving you from the tremendous amount of resources you would need to dedicate to learn security trends and policies to protect your data, computers, servers, mobile devices and thus – your business.

Security is not only protecting from viruses and unwanted visitors but making sure your data is safe. Are you sure you have backups, that they work and that they are not just a copy of the data files on the same server? ASE helps companies find the right backup solution for their needs.

Mobility presents a huge security problem to all companies. Do you have safeguards in place, extra layers of security to protect the mobile workforce?

If you haven’t thought about it – you should now. ASE would like to be the partner to help you with your IT security.

We Cover IT. Let Us Cover You.

ASE is your go-to technology products/VAR that will work for you. ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, VA. We serve all of Northern Virginia, D.C. and MD.

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