Why Chromebooks for Your School?

Google Chromebooks for Education and Management Console for Education has proven to be a great solution for smaller schools that need to find a way to get the most of technology, with the utmost security control, without breaking the bank. It gives the users the ability to use office suite products without having to maintain any of it, including the Chrome book. It gives the administrator the ability to completely control and manage individual users’ experience.

The Chromebook is updated by Google so there is virtually no administration of updates and patches needed. Applications are also updated regularly so the applications will never become outdated. Last, the end user is not limited to only one manufacturer of the Chromebook. There are a handful of manufacturers that make the Chromebook such as HP, ASUS and more. End users can pick which system best fits their needs.

Google Education Consulting

ASE works closely with schools to help with decisions about budget, planning, and rollout. The ASE team includes Dr. Joseph Provenzano, an Instructional Technologist (PHD), who works with educational organizations to identify the best technologies, integrate them into their instruction, and provide comprehensive professional development for teachers and administrators.

Dr. Provenzano compares a school’s technology needs with their network, to be sure the network can support it. As an authorized Chromebook and Google Chrome Management Console reseller, ASE is the perfect complement – offering network support and the channel to purchase and access Google Chromebooks at a great savings.


Bring Chromebooks to the Classroom

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