Budget, Plan, and Deploy Chromebooks in the Classroom With Ease

As with any technology, you need to budget and plan a Google Chromebook rollout. Simply buying Google Chromebooks and expecting them to work on your network is not a good idea and will probably end up a disaster. No matter what the size, an organization must first gather all the information concerning the number of users, the condition of the network, what network infrastructure may be needed, time lines, and so much more. Once all of this is gathered costs can be associated to determine a budget. This is where ASE can be of great help. ASE can provide a network analysis, costs for any necessary additions or improvements to the network and the cost of both the licenses and the systems.

One particular area where Google Chromebooks have proven to be extremely helpful are private religious schools. ASE has found in many cases small private religious schools are functioning on an extremely tight budget and that the network infrastructure is really not set up to handle in increase of devices and usage. Understanding this, ASE enjoys helping these schools get through this effort by providing many consulting services at no cost.

To plan for a Chromebook rollout the first step is to make sure your network can handle the number of users, the number of devices shared on the network such as printers and other devices, and, but most importantly, the wireless connectivity for the site. ASE helps organizations determine if their network can support the implementation of a Chromebook rollout. It may be that either a new wireless setup is necessary or just the addition of Access Points spread out in the building to provide better signal coverage. ASE takes the client through the process of determining what is needed. Since ASE can provide pricing for all of the equipment making up the network infrastructure ASE can help set up a budget. And don’t forget the licensing. For each user a license is necessary. ASE can procure these for the organization based on the number of users. Last is the amount of time it takes to set this environment up. Using senior level experts ASE is extremely competent at setting up the network, setting up the chromebooks and the licenses, therefore, the amount of time to perform this work is reduced. All of this is what is needed for a Google Chromebook budget plan.

It is true that a number of manufacturers make chromebooks but just as in other markets, there are better products than others. ASE will use its relationships with various manufactures to provide the most reliable solution for your particular needs.

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