Bring Google Into the Classroom

ASE can provide Google Education Consulting for schools and education centers that are looking into the most cost-effective solution for their environment. The education consulting offered is not about how to teach the kids but how to use the Google solution as a platform for teaching. ASE can bring in an Educational Technologist who can provide the training showing teachers how to manage the Google for Education solution.

ASE has worked with many schools and other education organizations. One area that ASE has much experience with is religious education such as private Catholic schools and other religious schools associated with churches. Funding, and of course security, are the most important problems to solve. The Chromebook solution addresses both and more.

Chromebooks are priced very well and prove to be more affordable than other solutions for the education arena. They have basic functionality and are a perfect fit for classrooms. All updates and patches are provided by Google so there is no need for an IT administrator to perform updates over time. This lowers the cost of ownership. Since the devices are only wireless no wired ports at each desk or on the walls are needed. This lowers the cost of buildouts.

Once implemented the teacher/administrator has complete control over the user’s experience. User logon, predetermined applications are used, predetermined websites can be accessed and control over documents is all monitored by the teacher/administrator.

When users log on to the systems and the network, all access is to a central site that is safe where all data is stored. It is important to have a secure network at the educational organization and this is where ASE can provide expert advice and if necessary support. As part of the Google education consulting ASE can perform a network analysis to determine how safe the network is. In most cases, in fact almost all cases, this is not a lengthy or expensive task. Once an analysis is completed, and, it is determined what is needed for the IT infrastructure ASE works with manufacturers to help the education center get education pricing. As part of the education consulting ASE can create a budget that can be used for fundraising.

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