Are you buying a business? Want to know if the data is actually there?

Do you have a questionable employee? Did they take proprietary business data with them? Do you need to trace their steps?

ASE analyzes systems using imaging to determine if data is or ever was there. We look at multiple machines, then help your legal team create search terms and the criteria needed to look for the data, so they can submit it as evidence.

This is especially important if you have an employee who has signed a non-disclosure agreement, but has left with copies of your client list, pricing and services descriptions. We can help you thwart that employee starting up a new company with your confidential and/or proprietary property data.

We will analyze and unravel the trail of data for you.

Seasoned Expert Witnesses

For many years ASE has been providing IT Forensics services with experts who are seasoned for expert testimony. As network security experts the tools we use every day help us find information legal teams need for their clients.

  • Companies have hired us to find information to help them deal with employment law.
  • Accountants use ASE to find financial data and who had access to it.
  • ASE has provided expertise in domestic cases such as divorce.

Put Our Digital Forensics Expertise and Extensive Experience to Use

We know chain of custody, we know how to consult with lawyers to help their cases and we are great on the stand. ASE provides detailed analysis of the data retrieved with consulting to understand it. Please contact us today to discuss further how ASE can be part of your team. ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, Virginia, and we serve all of Northern Virginia, DC and MD.

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