Computer forensics is used in many areas. Accounting, employment law, divorce cases, criminal law and many other areas. Large companies will perform computer forensics internally to track intrusions and for other internal reasons. It is not just about finding data. It can be used to find out where the data in question was moved to; how it was manipulated and who had access to it. For whatever the reason, finding a professional and reliable expert is difficult. Over many years ASE has proven to be that partner and resource of expertise.

ASE has performed computer forensics for many law firms in all kinds of cases. Some examples are divorce cases where it is suspected that assets are being hidden, or, when it is important to determine if there were communications with other parties. In the latter case, mobile devices were examined. Employment law is another area that ASE has worked in. One example is where data is taken from one company by their employee, who subsequently quits, and given to another company so that they can compete in that same market. In this instance, ASE was able to consult with the firm and its client as to what devices must be subpoenaed. In one particularly large case, ASE obtained massive data sets based on antiquated application platforms and was able to help determine if a company had been hacked, its data brought in to its competitor’s network and used to damage the plaintiff’s reputation. In this scenario ASE was able to show how Senior IT experience was the most important factor when dealing with very old platforms. The senior IT expert, who has been in the IT industry for many years, was able to draw on their skills of the antiquated application to find information.

There have been times where it was clear that data had been deleted, or “Scrubbed” off the system. Our job is to identify what is found, and, what is not found. In some cases, why the data is not there is just as important. Systems have a way of telling an expert what has happened. Our experts have seen this many times before and can identify where the scrubbing took place in many instances. This information can prove to be very helpful to counsel.

Our experts use the most proven technologies to perform forensics. They are constantly reviewing the latest updates to products in use, looking at new products to determine if their functionality might be valuable, and, they are willing to test products based on the product’s claims. What matters most is if the tools provide results in an efficient manner. It is no secret that computer forensics is a costly process. ASE’s experts want to make sure that the best tools for the job are employed and that they are the most efficient.

When performing any computer forensics ASE’s experts follow the rules of engagement for Chain of Custody. We understand that one of the most important parts of any forensics job is making sure the chain of custody is absolutely respected. ASE uses the same chain of custody methodology as the Secret Service and the FBI use. Before any project or case starts a meeting with the team must be held. The expert will plan with the legal team how to obtain the data, where it will reside, and, how to access it for testing and queries. All results are provided to our clients as fast as possible and certainly within the timeframe needed.

Put Our Computer Forensics Skills to Use

ASE’s charges standard rates to our clients including standard terms. We do not believe in price gauging and we manage our time very well for our clients. Updates are provided to match levels of expectations. After working with ASE, clients feel that a great service was provided for a reasonable price.

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