ASE’s seasoned expert witnesses have worked on many different legal cases. The same people who provided the eDiscovery and Forensic IT skills for these cases, many times, have provided expert testimony. It is not just getting a statement and preparing for the stand. ASE can provide support from the beginning of the case and throughout the lifecycle of the case. Assisting in determining what data exists, how to obtain it, where to store it and how to secure it are all initial steps the expert can help clients with. From there the expert can help build the search criteria and review the results. All of these pieces make up the expert witness’ testimony.

Lawyers will go over the fine details in every case. Obviously, when testimony is presented from a seasoned expert witness, examination is focused on how data was managed, who had access to it, time lines, what methodologies were followed and much more. It is this reason why following a proven methodology for handling data and managing it to present findings in court a well experienced expert is needed.

It is clearly understood that legal teams need a strong, well-mannered, seasoned expert to be a witness. Having performed this service for many years ASE has seen in court other witnesses fall apart or get confused which led to issues for the legal team that hired them. ASE’s experts are extremely confident in what their evidence shows and are able to clearly explain to the court their opinion. They are concise, specific and appropriate when under oath in the court. Heated cross examination presents no problem as our experts rely on their professionalism and experience to provide the appropriate response. This also makes the client more comfortable.

Being seasoned professionals means proficient use of time. This results in efficiency for your client. We don’t waste time. There have been many times where hours could have been billed that weren’t needed but expected. ASE’s philosophy is to satisfy the client so that they will come back. By proving how efficient use of time, and, how extra time was not necessary, if that is the case, we stand by our code of ethics to produce the best possible results the most efficient way possible. In many cases an estimate of time can be made and it is usually met or in most cases the job has taken less time than estimated.

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ASE’s charges standard rates to our clients including standard terms. We do not believe in price gauging and we manage our time very well for our clients. Updates are provided to match levels of expectations. After working with ASE clients feel that a great service was provided for a reasonable price.

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