What are Hosted IT Services?

Hosted services are IT services that you “rent” instead of buying the products to run a particular service in-house, in your office, including:

  • Email
  • Backups
  • Help Desk
  • Security and more.

ASE can help you choose the right service for your needs – if you need it and if it fits. Our experts analyze your situation, review the various hosted services available to you, explain to you in easy to understand terms the Pro’s and Con’s of each and help you determine if using a hosted service is the right strategy for you. As your partner, ASE manages the hosted service providing you with concise information whenever you need it.

Individual or Bundled Services – You Choose

Often in the IT services business, you are required to buy a bundle of services, many of which you might not require for your particular business, medical practice or organization. We will never push products that your business will not use. Are goal is always efficient IT that keeps your business running and helps your bottom line.

ASE is your IT partner, proactively looking for ways to ensure your network is secure and complaint. Our goal is to save you money and make sure your IT is enabling your business.

Put Our IT Expertise to Use

Contact ASE for hosted and managed IT Services. ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, Virginia, and we serve all of Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.

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