Secure Hosted Backup Solutions are online, off-site cloud backup services and ASE offers a wide range from various vendors to accommodate each client’s particular needs. In today’s world having only one type of backup, such as an on-site tape backup device, is not enough – clearly! Many times, malware can get into a network and find out where the data is and what other drives are mapped to the same system it has invaded. This means the tape backup is easily compromised. Paying a ransom is not as comforting as knowing you have more than one backup solution. Having at least a 2-tiered backup solution such as an on-premise backup device AND an off-site backup service, where the data is sent away from the business location, is what is needed to recover from problems such as a malware attack like ransomware and other threats that are now so pervasive. A secure hosted backup solution is one of the best ways to recover your data when hit by these threats. In fact, it may be the only way. Once inside the network the unknowing user who accidentally let it in has no idea that the threat will attack the on-site device since it is mapped to the server and in many cases the other computers on the network since they too are mapped to the server. These threats have a very hard time getting to the off-site service and therefore this service may prove to be the only option to recover your data.

ASE uses a variety of secure hosted backup solutions based on the needs of the client. Some clients need to adhere to compliance regulations such as HIPAA requiring more security features than others. Others just simply need basic secure hosted backups off site with no compliance requirement. No matter what, you should be using a hosted backup solution to protect you from loss of data. Our experts will guide you through the various solutions and help you determine the best fit for your needs. In most cases this is not an expensive proposition. As the market has changed, technology has greatly improved and prices have come down, setting up a cost-effective solution is very reasonable. There are now many options, some of which you may have and not know about. ASE will help you figure out what options you have, what other options you can get and figure out the best solution for your particular needs.

Fires and water damage are also considered a threat if you put them in perspective. Both can cause loss of data. Again, here is where a secure hosted backup solution proves to be a savvier. There have been cases where a fire has destroyed an office to include the entire computer network. The owner of the business rented out temporary office space and directed the office backup to the new system for recovery. They were up and running in 5 days after a complete disaster. This is also known as disaster recovery.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a brick and mortar business or a home office. The multi-tiered solution is very important to either and is not an expensive solution. In many cases, the home office user doesn’t realize what is available to them through the various services they have.

On a personal level, it is a great idea to use a secure hosted backup solution for your home. You don’t realize what you have lost until you lose it. Today, everything is electronic. Of course, your data but your pictures, your music and more are all electronic. Having three thousand songs on a drive means that drive has about three thousand dollars of data. If the drive fails or gets attacked you highly risk losing that data. This is the reason you should use a hosted backup solution and there are many to choose from.

Ensure Your Data is Safely Backed Up

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