Independent Computer Network Analysis and Evaluations

ASE’s senior expert engineers are called upon to provide consulting services to companies that need an independent third party for various reasons. In most cases ASE is tasked with providing a detailed analysis of a network infrastructure showing where improvements can be made, if necessary.

ASE offers corporations independent analysis and evaluations of the efficiency of IT networks. Often, Network Administrators face decisions related to the disposition of the network, without the skill set to discover an issue or problem dragging down their network, such as:

  • Network efficiency,
  • Network rights and policies,
  • Effects of introducing new technologies to the network, such as adding a wireless network to an existing wired network, or a network refresh.

We also evaluate when older equipment needs to be replaced and recommend options for servers, in-house vs. the cloud, PCs, mobile options, etc. and provide a spreadsheet of projections for 3, 5, 8 and 10 years out.

Increase Your Network Efficiency

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