Not Compliant? Your reputation could be destroyed.

I purchased or engaged an EHR/EMR product, doesn’t that make me compliant? No.  The product is, but the rest of the office may not be.

The data we collect is not as sensitive as that collected in other medical fields, why bother? The data you collect consists of name, address, social security number, date of birth, medical history, prescriptions and more. It has to be private and this is what CMS is looking for, in addition:

  • Quarterly  – Are you changing all passwords?
  •  Annually, have you had a new assessment?
  • Have you updated your HIPPA binder – Physical, technical and administrative security?
  • When you hire someone, are you following the right protocol?
  • When you fire someone, what do you do with all the data they had? All the data on her PC, the keys, the passwords she knew?

More and more industries will be required to follow compliance requirements, but HIPAA is already here for medical records. If you think CMS will only look at larger entities like hospitals, think again. Each year more small practices find themselves audited by CMS  – since in most cases, it is the small practice where breaches occur. ASE guides clients through the steps to become and maintain compliance.

  • ASE’s strengths in IT security and compliance will help you manage and  maintain your compliance.

Network security and compliance experts, ASE provides the necessary services to guide you through the HIPPA compliance process. ASE provides documentation, management and other services to help you achieve and maintain your compliance.

ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, VA we serve all of Northern Virginia, DC and MD.