Are You Starting a New Company?

Our goal is to design the most efficient network for your organization and help you reduce capital expenditures, by:

  • Providing strategic system and/or network design for your needs.
  • Finding the right products using our relationships with all of the major manufacturers and distributors.
  • Installing the products on your site and manage them.
  • Offering Hosted & Managed services – hosted email, cloud backups, and remote systems and applications support – to help you reduce capital expenditures when starting a company. Hosted or cloud means you don’t have to buy the products, you only rent the service. These are maintenance free, worry-free solutions that keep you focused on your business.

ASE will help you determine the best pieces for your IT puzzle.

Are You an Existing Company? Is Your IT Proactive?

You may have existing issues that need to be resolved. Maybe, due to a tight budget, you’ve been getting IT support from your brother, cousin or the retired General next door and it’s not as efficient as you need it?

ASE offers expert support, resolves existing issues and if necessary, sets up routines that match your needs. With ManagePro, ASE’s Remote Monitoring & Management solution, ASE can see your systems 24/7 and respond to issues as they arise. In many cases ASE sees trends that can lead to hardware failures and can make recommendations before a disaster occurs. Being proactive saves much more money compared to being reactive. Just like your car.

Increase Your Network Efficiency

We want IT to work for you, to enable your business, and in turn, save you money. Contact ASE to design, implement and maintain your network. ASE IT Services is based in Fairfax, VA we serve all of Northern Virginia, D.C. and MD.

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